Furla bags

As a connoisseur of timeless fashion and quality craftsmanship, I’ve always been drawn to brands that not only create beautiful pieces but also tell a story of heritage and artistry.

In my quest for such unique fashion experiences, I recently found myself delving into the world of Furla.

This Italian luxury brand, established in 1927, has been crafting exquisite leather bags for nearly a century, yet it often flies under the radar in the bustling luxury market.

From the moment I laid my hands on a Furla bag, I knew I was holding something special. The feel of the Italian leather, the meticulous craftsmanship, and the elegant design spoke volumes of the brand’s dedication to quality.

Today, I want to share my honest review of Furla bags, a brand that, in my opinion, deserves much more acclaim for its exceptional quality and design.

Furla Primavera Shoulder Bag

Furla Primavera

One of the standout models in Furla’s lineup is the Primavera shoulder bag. This bag has quickly captured my attention and admiration, not just for its style but also for its value, especially when compared to higher-priced counterparts like the Celine Ava bag.

The Furla Primavera comes in two sizes: a small and a larger size, referred to as ‘large’ on their website. Its design is simple yet captivating, featuring a croissant-like shape that reminds me of the iconic Léon croissant bag.

True to Furla’s style, the Primavera shoulder bag embraces minimalism. It boasts a sleek shoulder strap adorned with subtle hardware on one side, adding just a hint of flair to its overall design.

The color palette for this model is quite versatile, ranging from military green and classic black to vibrant hues like white, light pink, and hot pink. During my visit to the store, these were the colors available, though Furla may have introduced more since then. The military green, in particular, caught my eye for its unique and sophisticated look.

While the medium or large size might be too bulky for some, it offers ample space for those who prefer a larger bag. Personally, I found the smaller size more suitable for my needs, striking the perfect balance between functionality and fashion.

The small size is priced at $298, while the medium or large size is slightly higher at $328. Considering the quality and design, these prices represent significant value, especially when compared to similar styles from luxury brands.

The Furla Net Bag

Furla net

Another gem in Furla’s collection that I highly recommend is the Net Bag. This versatile piece is available in three sizes: mini, small, and large, each catering to different needs and styles.

The Furla Net Bag’s design is a modern take on the classic tote. The small and large sizes lean towards the traditional tote bag look, making them perfect for those who need more space in their daily carry.

On the other hand, the mini version is a delightful contrast – compact, adorable, and incredibly chic. It’s the kind of accessory that can elevate any outfit with its understated elegance.

What truly sets the Net Bag apart is the quality of the leather. The texture and feel of the leather, which seems to be grainy and possibly calf skin, are exceptional. It’s one of those bags where you can instantly recognize the quality the moment you touch it.

The mini Net Bag is priced at $218, offering an affordable entry into the world of high-end accessories. The medium size is available at $485, and the large size, which provides ample space and functionality, is around $540.

The Furla 1927 Top Handle Bag

Furla 1927

The final piece I want to highlight from Furla’s collection is the 1927 top handle bag. Unlike the newer models I’ve discussed earlier, the 1927 has been a part of Furla’s lineup for some time.

The 1927 top handle bag is Furla’s nod to classic design, reminiscent of the iconic “Kelly” bag but with its own unique twist. It’s a classic reimagined, showcasing Furla’s ability to draw inspiration from luxury icons while infusing its distinct flair.

Available in three sizes – mini, small, and medium-large – the 1927 offers versatility to suit various preferences. One striking feature is the bag’s top handle, which is almost as prominent as the bag itself, giving it a distinctive, chunky appearance. Additionally, the bag features a simple yet elegant turn-lock closure, adorned with the Furla logo, adding a touch of sophistication to its overall design.

Being a long-standing design, the 1927 comes in a myriad of colors, giving shoppers a wide range of options. The pricing of this model varies, likely influenced by the type of leather and color. The mini size is priced around $420, the small at $465, and the pricing for the large size was not available during my visit.

I hope this post has given you a deeper insight into Furla’s exquisite collection and assists you in making informed choices on your fashion journey.