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Luxury clothing became appealing to young boys and girls all over the world again. That’s right, those streetwear-only times are already history, cause being trendy in 2021 means having a Gucci clutch bag or a Louis Vuitton sweater when you’re out.

The reason behind that is simple — we’re seeing more and more fashion designers like Virgil Abloh conquering the scene of old-fashioned luxurious brands. Their streetwear past creates a perfect mix with luxurious designs, breathing new life into fashion houses like LV or Hermes.

So today, we’ll be your guide in the world of the best online luxury shops. That’s right, to shop all of these brands, you don’t need to go to a mall or a fancy design house — it’s e-commerce, all you need is to make a few clicks.


Gilt is a well-known retailer that offers a variety of sales for high-end products. Their core idea is to run so-called ‘flash sales’ for really hot and trendy items. This means you, as a customer, will have exclusive access to new clothing with reasonable price tags.

One of their great features is the region selector — an ability to find products and fashion designers based on your location. This option works perfectly in the US and can be considered one of the cornerstone features since they connect you with stylists to help you find the perfect outfit.


  • Competitive prices
  • A lot of hot deals and promos
  • Region selector


The biggest inconvenience is that they require you to sign up, there is no way to shop as a guest. On the other hand, they do offer a lot of inside sales and promos that will later go directly to your email inbox, so it’s kind of a fair deal.

They also tend to have problems with returns sometimes, since they run different return policies for different product categories. But as long as you check this information on the product’s page before buying — you’re good! 



Possibly one of the most trusted websites among luxury clothing retailers. Farfetch is by far the best place for those who want to be 100% sure their new shoes or accessories are authentic.

Yes, one of the problems we all face while shopping is the authenticity of the products. That’s where Farfetch has a clear reputation, it’s a store trusted by millions of fashion lovers.

You can find yourself the whole look and complement it with a watch, earrings, or gloves. Their selection includes the latest and hottest releases. Plus, they have a very convenient app that will send you notifications about flash sales and price drops.

They have a very convenient returns policy — you can send your product back within 14 days after the initial purchase. 


  • Convenient filters — you can shop by brand, product type, or even by designer
  • Every newest release hits the Farfetch store right away
  • Good sales, right now they offer 10 000+ discounted products
  • They have a separate category for eco-friendly products (Positively Farfetch)


  • Sometimes the prices are not that affordable, but that’s understandable when you’re shopping Balenciaga or Gucci



First and foremost, we need to highlight that Shopbop is a part of Amazon.com Inc. This is already a good sign of how much you can trust this platform. With Amazon’s funding, Shopbop got a chance to up their product selection game.

One of the most popular words associated with Shopbop is ‘easy’. That’s because it’s always easy to find something you’ll love on their website. They have a superfast delivery, and usually, it takes around 2-3 days to deliver your item.

Oh, and by the way, many of their products are featured with free shipping. They have a great selection of top-notch brands

You will get a 15% discount for your first purchase if you provide your email address, which is super easy.


  • Easy to use and locate everything you need
  • Fast shipping
  • A lot of items with free shipping


  • Some products are overpriced




One of the core features of this store is its customer service and client-oriented business model. They do walk the extra mile when it comes to resolving issues with your order or simply helping you out with the shopping process itself.

They offer a Selfridges+ subscription that provides you with a full year of unlimited free deliveries. This is a great feature and only costs you £10 per year if you’re shopping in the EU or UK. Global subscription is a bit pricey — £40.

Their selection of products is really huge and even includes food (yeah, we know)!


  • Good returns policy — 28 days to return your item
  • Huge selection of products
  • Good customer service
  • A lot of good gift guides to help you find a perfect gift


  • Some products are pricey
  • Sometimes the delivery can be a bit late



You most probably won’t find a store with so many good reviews as SSENSE and there is a good reason for that. They have a very straightforward checkout process, simple website design, and they ship their products fast. Combine this with dozens of most popular brands on board, and you get a perfect mix.

SSENSE features luxury and streetwear labels that are among the must-haves in your 2021 wardrobe. They have over 400 designers on board and offer lower pricing than many competitive retailers. You can find shoes, bags, clothing, accessories, and everything in-between.

They constantly run sales and offer a variety of exclusive deals that they send to your email. SSENSE can be fairly ranked in a ‘Top 2’ together with Farfetch.


  • Only trendy and hot products
  • Great designs, reasonable pricing
  • Many discounted items in the sale section


  • Their customer service is far from perfect sometimes

Feel free to use our today’s list as a cheat sheet that will help you get any luxury brand product. All of these stores have their advantages, so all you need to do is look out for sales and free shipping offers to get the best items for the best price.