Over the years, SSENSE has been rising as a leading distributor of designer brands worldwide. Although not so many people might know the company, it has been in operation since 2003 when it was founded by three brothers in Montreal Canada. The company deals with high-end streetwear designer clothes. Their collection wears from top brands like Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and lots more. They emphasize on purchasing popular and trending brands which means their collection is always packed full with awesome wears.


Fashion fanatics would absolutely love the rare exclusive products, SSENSE has to offer. You can even purchase products from lowkey designer brands like Supreme, Off-White, and lots more.

SSENSE has really embraced the street culture that is currently taking the world by storm. They have a varied collection of streetwear that is visually appealing, and at the same time comfortable to wear. In addition, they also have a different array of luxury goods available. The versatility of what SSENSE has in store is what has made them become a leading distributor of designer brands in the world. So, streetwear fanatics a luxury goods fashionistas will love what they can get from the company.

With the ever-growing market size of consumers looking for top brands to put both locally and internationally, the fashion business looks like it will continually thrive. The Asian market, in particular, has proved to be a productive ground for most designers and brands.

In such a flexible market like the one fashion presents, fake products, fake shopping outlets, and scam artists are in the rise. There are several replicating outlets out there that replicate products from top brands in a bid to get their cut from a thriving market. It is at this point that SSENSE comes into the game.

Is SSENSE Legit?

Everyone always asks if SSENSE is legit and if their claims are true. I had to go out and get answers for myself. Towards the start of last year, I bought an Off-White card holder from SSENSE for $450. It looks expensive, but that’s probably due to the stylish and unique design of the trending brand. On arrival, the cardholder looked amazing, and given the fact that I just spent $450 on it, I took special care of it. One year later, the holder is still going strong, and it still looks as if I bought it yesterday.


Personally speaking, the holder was legit in every way. From the design to the material used, everything checked out alright. I needed a second opinion just to be sure, so I took the holder to a friend of mine at a high-end designer brand authentication company. The authentication came out LEGIT. Let me just say that SSENSE came through, and I love them even more. It goes to show that they sell unique and authentic products.

With just the push of a button, anyone can lay their hands on any of the products. This creates a platform for independent designers to create the necessary awareness for their design. SSENSE Is lending a helping hand to local and international independent designers, as well as local startup, to promote their brand legitimately. SSENSE is a legit company. Now, let’s see the kind of products they have.

SSENSE Product Review

SSENSE offers a wide array of products to choose from. Their products include; luxury wears and streetwear. The product lines are eye-catching, authentic, and top quality. It has to be said that some of the products are no pocket-friendly, but I guess the price you have to pay for authenticity.

You can to the company website www.ssense.com, and learn more about what they offer. Look at for promotional sales, and discount sales on the website.

Beige Burberry Cashmere Burberry Sweater

This long sleeve cashmere Burberry sweater is amazing! It’s got the nice classic Burberry design. Perfect sweater for the cold winter.

Off-White x Timberland Black Edition Velvet Boots

You already know I am saving up for these bad boys. I am in love with these. Who wouldn’t be? The exterior is fully velvet with a round toe. Part of the Off-White x Timberland collaboration collection.


Off-White Multicolor Camo Quote Card Holder

You already know how much I enjoy my Off-White card holder. This is a new release for the one I purchased. Multicolor camo edition. Very unique and you have to love the Off-White design. Truly a one of a kind streetwear brand.