The Lulus launched out as a family project far back in 1996. Ever since, they’ve advanced to be a known name in the world of women fashion, designing and producing shoes, clothes, and other fashion accessories. They began their adventure during the 90s when it was difficult to get a job. The mother and daughter collaboration wanted to set up a café, and somehow they ended up in fashion. The mother and daughter collaboration seem to be doing well apparently.

HIG Growth Partner has partnered with this business in terms of investment capital. HIG is a well-known investment firm that invests between $5 and $30 million in different businesses. Lulus ensures fantastically styled outfits as well as satisfactory customer services regularly.

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  • Fantastic Product Line
  • High-valued Items at Pocket-friendly Prices
  • Free Shipping for Orders above $50

Lulus provides its customers with an enjoyable shopping experience from the following:

Fantastic Product Line

While they may have fewer brands when compared to some others, the Lulus have made their name by ensuring sufficient quantity for every of their brands. When going through what the Lulus boutique section has, you would notice only a handful of items were sold out, which is much lower than that of most clothing companies online. They equally have a line for quality accessories.

You are going find purses, makeup, scarves, and handbags. Although makeup selection is not sufficient, you could find so many stylish options for fitting the available clothes via the existing clothing options. They’ve also got classy, affordable and pricey jewelry. You can also count on their superb search tool for looking through the clothing products they have for women. They’ve got modeled images of several fashion attires just to help shoppers with the right choice.

Lulus’ dresses have become very popular. Customers of this online boutique can search for dresses by trend or occasion. Users can look for cocktail, prom, formal, party, graduation, vacation, bridesmaid, or wedding dresses easily and quickly via their site.

High-valued Items at Pocket-friendly Prices

Expect competitive prices on this site on women’ fashion due to the high quality of their own clothing items. Although you will get lower prices for a couple of items, the quality you get on their site enables you to get good stuffs for every cent spent. Their investment partner is also one factor that has influenced their growth over the years. HIG Growth, as an investment firm has offered them unflinching and welcome support.

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Free Shipping for Orders above $50

Shipping is one aspect where customers save costs. If your order amounts to over $50, you are entitled to free shipping (provided you are within the US). That amount excludes any coupons used in the course of your shopping. Those orders regarding ground shipping requires about 5 days for processing. Expedited orders get shipped that same or the next business day (depending on when you make the order). You are expected to pay a flat rate of $5 for ground shipping.


  • Exclusively For Women Clothing
  • Constrained Mobile Application
  • Return Policy
  • Not Low-end Clothing Costs

The other side of buying from Lulus are:

Exclusively For Women Clothing

Due to our criteria for ranking, the higher the number of persons shopping at a certain store the higher the chances of that store being a good one. Lulus is specifically into women clothing, reducing their number of potential shoppers unlike some other bigger retailers. Nevertheless, for women, they do not see this as some kind of disadvantage instead it affords them the opportunity to be a part of an exclusive brand. If you are not like these ladies, then you would regard the reduction in customer size as a disadvantage.

Not Low-End Clothing Costs

As stated under its benefits section, Lulus provides clothing items with high quality. They are not champions of low-cost, low-end apparel items. However, this doesn’t mean that all their prices are high. It only means they are not be best choice when it comes to shopping for low-cost and low-quality clothing items.

Constrained Mobile Application

As an online retailer that is successful, a mobile app will not be out of place. Well, they actually have one even though it is in Chinese, which means English-speaking shoppers will not be able to use it.

Return Policy

This Lulus reviews actually has several customers who complained about a thing or two regarding customer service. Lulus only grants no-cost return shipping when your order has been postmarked within a 10 day period from delivery date. Sadly, that happens to be Lulus responsibility. When their service fails to mark it on time, customers will be left with no choice but to pay that additional fees.

The Bottom Line

Lulus’ exclusive styling are done with customers’ needs in the perspective. The company does buy and design sophisticated, modern and chic designs.

Lulus is always a perfect choice for anyone who cherishes trendy clothing items. Their prices are great for a clothing provider that deals on trendy and mid line fashion items. We discovered they had highly classy dresses for about $200, and we also noticed they had other nice clothing for $50. This cheap pricing makes it simple to locate a fitting dress as well as other apparels at fantastic prices. Lulus’ reviews are a combination of ups and downs.

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