What exactly is camp? It’s not Girl Scouts and campfires, but “fashun” with a capital “F.” The 2019 Met Gala supplied fabulous visual guidance. Basically, camp is all things ironic, memeable, tongue in cheek and joyous. Given some of the extra looks at the gala, it’s easy to think camp is a trend reserved for red carpets and runways. But it doesn’t have to be.

Turn up the volume on your wardrobe as much as you feel comfortable and remember that the joy of fashion is having fun with it. In terms of details, feathersbeadsclashing colorsretro prints all thrown together then dusted with sparkles is where it’s at. The Gucci Fall 2019 runway offered excellent inspiration. (It’s no coincidence that Alessandro Michele was one of the co-hosts of the 2019 Met Gala.) Any clothes or accessories that put a smile on your face put you on the right track.


Just remember there’s a time and place for these lewks. Conservative offices and weddings with specific dress codes may not be receptive to a playful camp look. So if you want to wear a bird on your head a la Carrie Bradshaw, make sure it suits the occasion.

The following pieces are easy ways to add some camp into your everyday look so you can slay all day.